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The Possibilities of May

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale

It’s May, and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, it’s my birth month (and I’m the type to revel in my existence for roughly 30 days), but it’s also National Asparagus Month. Who among us doesn’t love the thrill of spotting a coveted clump of this herbaceous perennial in a nearby ditch? But I digress; this isn’t a dissertation on Asparagus Officinalis.

Beyond those delectable green shoots, May has always symbolized hope. Following April’s infamous precipitation, May rewards us with blossoms and buds. All things seem possible in May, and in Yankton, May has been more hope-filled than ever before, as businesses once again open their doors and eagerly welcome their patrons. As we navigate this contagion, I’ve heard many different phrases, whether it’s talk of “getting back to normal” or working to develop a new ‘normal,’ but I propose a new plan in this month of possibilities: let’s simply do what we love, but do it better—stronger, smarter, and safer!

Our community is teeming with opportunities to enjoy water, and May just happens to be National Water Safety Month. With or without motors, in the river or the lake, safety is a necessary concern. Whether you’re fishing or swimming, enjoy water recreation this year with safety as your number one priority, especially for the kids. South Dakota is one of the many states who recognize and proclaim May as Water Safety Month. While we bask in variety of benefits of H20, let’s stay South Dakota strong, smart, and safe.

May is also National Bike Month, so air up those tires, check your brakes, review your hand signals, and get to riding! Biking is low-impact exercise, and it’s an excellent way to run errands, enjoy time with your family, or recreate with friends while maintaining a social distance. Yankton has over 40 miles of biking trails, and if the only thing holding you back is…not having a bike, visit our friends at Ace Bike & Fitness. Don’t forget the gear: grab a helmet and a few bike lights and prepare to safely explore and enjoy our beautiful community on two wheels! Find the interactive map here:

Also in May, we take the month to appreciate and recognize the contributions of older adults across the nation. Not only have the individuals in this demographic raised families and built careers, so many continue to give back to their communities. Whether that’s volunteering at the hospital, serving at the soup kitchen, or mentoring local children, older Americans Month is a perfect time to appreciate this generous generation. While our interactions may have been limited these past few weeks, now is the time to admire and safeguard these individuals from a distance. Whether it’s mom or grandpa or the next-door neighbors, take some time in May to celebrate #OlderAmericansMonth.

May is also Date your Mate Month. Let’s be honest: Covid has caused some changes in our most intimate relationships. I know I have spent more time with my husband in these 8 weeks than in 2 years of marriage. And while we’ve probably all spent more time with our S.O’s as of late, now is a good time to focus on spending quality time together. Challenge yourself to make the most of the extra time together by getting to know your spouse a little better. Who taught your husband to fish? Where is his favorite fishing spot? Did your wife ever sing karaoke? What would it take to get her on stage again? Go to your newly reopened favorite place to buy beer and raise a glass to surviving a pandemic with your spouse. May is the designated month to woo your spouse in spontaneous, inexpensive, and ordinary ways!

More than ever, the merry month of May is ripe with possibilities. I don’t know if the days to come will bring us “back to normal” or whether we just adapt to a new way. Regardless, I plan to enjoy the beautiful city of Yankton and its incredible people in smarter, safer ways, with a life jacket on my son and extra hand washing around Grandma. And I won’t stop in May; tune in next month to find out how to make the most out of June!

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