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Every Day is Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, friends!

Fifty years ago today, April 22nd was adopted as the day to raise awareness about mankind’s role in protecting the natural world. Today, the world celebrates Earth Day in many ways, cherishing our relationship with our beautiful mother Earth by taking a walk, planting a tree, or collecting litter.

Together with our guiding affiliate, Keep America Beautiful, Keep Yankton Beautiful has always defined and promoted “beautiful” as “clean and green.” But keeping Yankton beautiful has always been about more than cleanup events or denim drives—it is about coming together for the good of the community, through our careful stewardship of the earth and our attentive kindness to those around us.

No, this year we cannot literally come together. But we will all rally together in our own nucleic family units to better our beautiful Earth. Two by two, four by four, we venture forth to create a community we're proud of. A beautiful garden here, a fresh new sapling there, an immaculate park, a tidy parking all makes Yankton more beautiful. In the same way, each good deed you do has a magical way of growing into a good for all mankind. Your kindness, your conservation, your joy, and your hard work all make Yankton more beautiful, and a more beautiful Yankton contributes to a more beautiful Earth.

Do something beautiful today, tomorrow... every day! After all, isn’t every day Earth Day?

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