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Dakota Spirit Fountain

This beautification project is nestled within one of Yankton's most used shopping spaces, creating a space for pedestrians and bicyclists to stop and take a break if the need arises. It also provides a relaxing space for area employees to enjoy a break outdoors.

21st Street and Broadway Avenue Beautification

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This 14 foot, 18-ton granite fountain stands on the busiest intersection in Yankton, welcoming everyone to town. The fountain appears to be made of many layers, and the layers represent all of the different people who make up South Dakota - past and present.

Pet/Owner Water Fountain Project

Fantle Memorial Park Fountain Project

Heartland Humane  Society Beautification

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The Westside Park Fountain was installed in 2013 across from the hospital and college. Locally known as the "duck pond", the small body of water is both visually appealing and functional as a habitat for wildlife. The fountain gives hospital residents a therapeutic view while aerating the water, creating a healthier environment for the local wildlife.

Westside Park Fountain

Yankton has a rich historical downtown that is home to a sculpture walk, shopping boutiques, restaurants and bars, locally-owned businesses, and more. Keep Yankton Beautiful volunteers keep the sidewalks attractive by planting seasonal flowers and foliage to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Downtown Flowerpots

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Located on Yankton's most traveled street, Tripp Park is one of the first green spaces visitors will see when coming in from the south. Keep Yankton Beautiful beautified this space with stone benches and landscaping, to ensure that those traveling through, using the picnic shelter, or taking advantage of the open green area enjoy it to the fullest. 

Tripp Park Beautification

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This project reached full funding by donors at the end of 2014. Installation of the water line, rock, and cement was completed before snowfall, and the project will continue in spring 2015 with flowerbeds and bench installations.

Funding for this collaboration came from the Bud Light "Do Good, Have Fun" service grant. Volunteers dedicated an afternoon to cleaning up the grounds of the Heartland Humane Society, landscaping, and assembling dog kennels purchased by the grant.

The funds for the three pet water fountains were donated to KYB by the Otto Ulrich fund in memory of Otto and his love for dogs. The fountain installed in Fantle Memorial Park is in progress of being surrounded by an additional memorial in honor of Stacy Myers.

​{Three locations: Riverside Park, Dog Park, and Memorial Park}

Take a drive, bike ride, or stroll through Yankton and you'll see the numerous beautification projects

KYB has facilitated through fundraising and partnerships in the community. 

The City of Yankton Parks and Recreation Department is instrumental in maintaining the projects that KYB facilitates - THANK YOU CITY OF YANKTON!

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