Personal Membership


Visionary: $500+

Growth: $250 - $499

Sustaining: $100 - $249

​Supporting: $30 - $99


322 Walnut  |  PO Box 406  |  Yankton, South Dakota  |  Office: 605.689.1600  |  |  KYB is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.


to all of our past and current members and project donors.

Your support makes a visible difference in our community and we appreciate you!

Current Projects

KYB is currently soliciting ideas for our next big project! Let us know what you'd like to see!

​​Project Gift

Give a gift to a specific project that we have in the works. Just specify the name of the project on the PayPal form. Any amount is appreciated!


Become a member of KYB and your gift will ensure that our organization can continue to live out our mission for the better of our community.

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Business Membership Levels

Platinum: $1,000+

Gold: $500 - $999

Silver: $250 - $499

Bronze: $100 - $249

Membership Giving Levels

Keep Yankton Beautiful is membership-driven. 

We rely entirely on support from our members and through grant opportunities.

Although we receive tremendous support from the City for special projects and events,

our operation is not funded by the City, State or Federal Government. 

We need your help in furthering our beautification efforts, building on our

litter prevention and recycling educational outreach, and expanding our cleanup events.